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Crazy Scary Fast Shopping Cart Lady

So, this morning I ran to Hillview. Yesterday was our track championships at Joe Walker and I got some Elliptigo miles in by ride from home to Hillview, then to Joe Walker for the meet and home again…. crazy windy….

But this morning I ran to HIllview. With my marathon 10 days away I figured it would be good to get in a few miles at my marathon goal pace of 8:00 – 8:14 per mile. The run is 5.5 miles so I figured I would ease into it the first mile, run 4 at my goal pace and then “cool down” the last half.

I have my watch set for splits every half mile, so my goal was to average 4:07 or faster for miles 2-5. Warming up I had splits of 4:41 and 4:17. The next couple of splits were eastbound on Elizebeth Lake road – slightly uphill with a tad of a headwind, but I started to hit my pace – 4:07, 4:08, The next mile included a bigger uphill on P-12 to run behind HIghland and then some downhill starting to head north on 30th west – 4:07, 3:59. Mile 3 included the rest of the downhill 30th west and the first part heading northwest on Rancho Vista Blvd. 3:53, 3:57.  Rancho Vista has two rolling hills between 30th and Hillview, with a net uphill climb so my 4th mile at marathon pace started to get a little harder. I ran up to Towncenter and then a brief downhill for my second to last split of 4:09 – pleased to be staying so close to goal pace with a net uphill.

The last half mile had a little down and then the final climb up toward Hillview. As I ran NW along the sidewalk on the south side of the street I passed a lady, sitting on the retaining wall. I did not get a good look at her, but I noticed one of those wire mesh shopping carts half full with stuff. I assumed she was homeless. She was looking at herself in a little mirror as I passed.

10 seconds after I passed I began to hear a click – clack, click clack, the sound of hard wheels rolling over the expansion joints in the sidewalk. I was still on the downhill and I was moving pretty fast – probably sub 8 minute mile pace, but the click clack click clack was sounding real fast. It sounded like it was getting closer.

The homeless lady was chasing after me? Really? Why? Boy was she fast? Wait, how could a little homeless lady run this fast – with a shopping cart? I tried to peek back over my shoulder but lost my balance a bit and almost ran into a light pole. All I saw was a glimpse of something brown. She had had a brown jacket. The only way I could imagine a little homeless lady running this fast, with a shopping cart was that she was amped up on drugs. Wow, so I am being chased by a drugged out homeless shopping cart lady?

The click clack click clack was getting even closer. The downhill turned to uphill and still click clack click clack shortly behind me. Cars were going by and I wondered what they though about the crazy shopping cart lady in the brown jacket running behind me.

I knew I was about to finish my last split, the one where I would get to slow down, but still click clack click clack behind me. But wait, it seems to be fading. I am pulling away. It faded more and more and then my watched beeped my last marathon pace interval. Feeling safer I looked back again…

It was a boy…. on a skateboard…. I am not sure where HE came from. I grinned and jogged easy in to finish my run.

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