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Tapering for M2B Marathon

Friday  I ran to Jamba Juice with the kids. I felt rather lethargic. It was warm… in the 80s. I felt much better for the second half. Not worried about it though, I never feel great during taper time.

Today I headed up to Mill Creek Ranger station for a trail run. Karl had gone at 6. David Weary, Molly, Janet and Charles Dempsey and I were to meet at 6:30. Karl had headed south. I had never run south from Mill Creek before. David and Molly wanted to go south as well, so the rest of us went along. Molly led the way and I was staying right behind her. When it got steep she would pull away a bit and when it leveled off I would catch her. She pulled out of sight for a while during an extended steeper section, but again I caught her after it leveled off.

The trail continued making its way upward for 5 1/2 miles until we came upon a sign. We left the trail and headed up a road to get to the very top of Mt. Pacifico. David had fallen a ways back. Molly and I reached a saddle and though it was the end. I took some time to play on the rocks.

Dave came along and we continued to the top of the mountain.

From our viewpoint on top of the mountain we looked down to see the PCT. We spotted a through hiker. Then we spotted a runner run past the hiker. We figured it had to be Karl. Strava’s fly by video confirms that it was indeed Karl. We took a short cut trail we found straight back down to the PCT. It was getting a little late – I wanted to get to church by 10, so I sped away from Molly and Dave and hurried down the mountain.

It turns out that my time from the Saddle back down was good for #3 on the Strava Segment list. Karl is the King of the Mountain, and Tim Buse is #2, then me…. Then Toke Jensen. I placed #6 on the list for the uphill segment. Behind Karl, Justin Patananan, Sergio Reyes (the two of them apparently went for an easy trail run last June, Tim, and Toke.

I finished this “last week before M2B” week with 42 miles running and 18 on the GO. This may seem high for a “taper” week, but my weekly mileage totals have not been that high as I trained this time around, so I did not feel it wise to taper down too much.

I have been checking my training through Sport Tracks Mobi of late by looking at a couple of graphs that the site produces. This on is the Training Load graph….

SportTracks _ Your Path to Performance

The comparison is interesting. You will see that the level right now is similar to the level in 2009 / 2010 with the exception of 3 spikes. Those spikes are the result of adding some long bike rides on top of my running during those summers. The “fitness” level right now is 1202, the level a week before Surf City 2009 (my first BQ) is 1045.

SportTracks _ Your Path to Performance (1)

My performance level next weekend will be 343. My performance level the day of Surf City was 293… Ojai 2 Ocean 2012 (My 3:15 Personal Record) was 359…

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