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King of the Mountain!! (aka PR)

The last few days I have been easing back into training:

Wednesday I rode the GO to and from Hillview. I also did a “12 Days of Christmas” workout with the team. This is where you work through a list of exercises in the same manner as the song….. 1 of these, 2 of these and 1 of those, 3 of these, 2 of these and 1 of those…. etc:

1 – 1 legged squat per leg
2 – Hill sprints (outside my classroom – maybe 20 meters)
3- Standing long jumps
4- Up and Outs
5- Burpees
6- Jumping Jacks
7- Sit Ups
8- Hops on each leg
9- Push Ups
10- Over the Railings (climb, hop or if you are as tall as me, step over)
11- Hopping lunges
12- Backstops -a 1/2 mile run…

The kids completely left me behind working through the exercises…. But we all finished! It made the ride  home especially tiring.

Thursday was our last Hillview club run of the year – a run to Vince’s Pizza and Pasta. It was 90 something out there and we were definitely feeling it.

Today, I got on the GO for the Hillview commute again. Riding in the morning I headed out with the usual effort for the first half. Heading North on 30th st west I was still cruising strong. Sometimes there is a bit of a tailwind which allows me to stay in my top gear ALL the way to Towncenter, but not today. The thing is, I noticed that when I went down one gear and focused on keeping my cadence high, my overall speed was a bit faster. I focused on quicker turnover the rest of the way. I noticed when I finished that I had put in a pretty good time. After uploading it to Strava I found that I had set a new King of the Mountain… of course the segment from my House to Hillview has had no other riders, but my time of 22:40 was my fastest EVER – a new PR – out of 52 rides on this segment!! Woo Hoo!!

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