May Days

May Running 143 YTD 620 Running
Elliptigo 91 313 Elliptigo
Tandem 27 Tandem
Running Equivalents 189 785 Running Equivalents
PPLD 50 2200 PPLD

Here are my totals for May.

I am kicking myself regarding my PPLD – Pushups, Planks, Lunges and Dips. My right arm started hurting, mainly on dips, so I thought I would give it a break…. but stupid me, gave myself a break from ALL of it…. If I can’t dip, I will resume with doing the rest….

Weight wise, May brought me a little lower. A month ago I reported reaching a low of 176. In May I have dipped as low as 174. With Taper Week prior to the marathon it shot back up to around 178, but as of this morning it was 175…. ¬†Still a nice downward trend.

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