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2017 Joseph C. Lopez-Pratti 5K Memorial 5K

This morning I headed over to Rosamond for the 2017 Joseph C. Lopez-Pratti 5K Memorial 5K. I ran this race once before, but it has been a few years – June 2013 click to read previous blog post.

This morning I ran it faster. That is pretty good, considering I am 4 years older and it was a hotter day today. This morning, by 8 a.m., I am sure it was already in the 80s and there was NO WIND! The course has a 100 ft hill in it and the dirt portion of the course – about 1 mile in total, is very rocky and sometimes sandy… not a fast course.

I did a half mile warm up along with some leg swings and such and off we went. There were some friends and students out there. Grace, graduating 8th grader was up front and quickly took off out of site. 7th grader Kai took off just a little ahead of me. His dad, Brent was right with me. Randy, a young Air Force Sargeant (I believe) from my church caught me a few minutes in. As the first mile, all uphill progressed Kai and his dad began to pull away. I pulled away from Randy and then he passed me back, but I caught him again right at the top of the hill.

On the second mile I pulled away from Randy. I could still see Grace and the Smithleys up ahead. As the race progressed I caught and passed others, but none of them. Grace finished, then the Smithleys, then a high school boy who passed me right before the finish them me. My official time was 23:00. It was 23:09 back in 2013…

HDR Runners, Alan Squyres and Caleb Schroeder had finished under 21 minutes well ahead of me. Coming in later were LB Smithley (younger brother of Kai), Kathy Diorio, Jim Haskett, Joe Diorio and John Carey.

Joseph Pratti 5k 1

There were only a few age divisions. Kai was first and LB was 3rd in children 13 and under. Grace won the girls 13 and under. In the adults group, Alan was first and Caleb was 2nd. In the “Seniors” – 55 and over, I was first, for the ladies Kathy was first. Jim was announced as 3rd senior, although he is not a senior, but his time was fast enough to place the same in his rightful division….

2017-06-03 09.36.02

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