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2017 5 Klicks to Home 5k

The 5 Klicks to Home 5K is a race put on by the Kiwanis Club for Veterans. The race is at Marie Kerr Park and they use the same course as our Nutty Runners 5k. The last two years they have asked for HDR assistance with course marking….. so I took the morning off of church, helped to mark the course and then ran another 5k.

I was feeling pretty good after yesterday’s race. Erik Ruble was there, but there was going to be 5 year age groups so I liked my chances of another age group win. As the race took off, about half a dozen kid’s really sprinted out there. Alan Squyres and Erik Ruble, of course took off ahead of me as well. At about 200 meters to of the kids were already walking and only a couple remained ahead… I was in 5th place rounding the amphitheater.

One of the kid’s was one of my 6th grade girl runners, April.

5 klicks 1

About a half mile in I passed her. Erik was still not too far ahead. The rest of the race Erik inched his way farther ahead. Every time there was a corner and I could look back, competition coming from behind faded. I had my watch set to show time and distance on the first screen, but the second screen was set to show power and cadence. I switched to the second screen and made it my effort to maintain a cadence above 180.

After yesterdays race I noted that I had dipped below 180 a bit climbing and descending the course’s dirt hill. Today – I kept the cadence a little more steady.

Yesterday’s 5K:

Garmin Connect

Today’s 5K:

Garmin Connect 2

You may have noticed the word “power” above…. I bought a Stryd running power meter. I will be writing about it soon….. stay tuned.  I also found a less expensive (than most bike power meters) power meter that would work on an elliptigo…. hmmm….

I finished the race in 22:35 according to my watch and placed 4th overall – 1st in my age division. The winner was a young Desert Christian School and HDR club member – Brent Roetsinder, followed by Alan Squyres, Erik Ruble and then Me.  Krysti Ruble was first female…. we racked up the points today!

5 klicks 2

Top 3 in 55-59 Age Group

I feel like I am getting close to the shape I was a few years back. I told someone today I was in  2013 shape, but not 2010 – 2012 shape…. looking back I see a few “better” races in early 2014.  In the menu at the top right of the page click on Age Grading. You can look at the age graded scores of all my races of standard race distances. I have them sorted by the best scores on one page and then by time (most recent at the top) on another page. I also made a chart that shows the age grading as time has gone by. Look at it, I am on a definite upward trend! Woo Hoo!

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