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12 x 90s @ HDR Track Workout

Last night was the HDR track workout at Joe Walker. I had planned on a “12 Days of Christmas” type of workout, but drove all the way over to Joe Walker – without my bulletin board, which had the workout on it.  This workout would not work without having a visible description for everyone to look at.

Instead, we did the old 12 x 90s out and back repeats. We started mid straightaway, because that is where there is the best shade. We run around the track for 90s. We have 90s to rest and recover and then starting at the spot where we finished the 90s, we run 90s in the reverse direction. On the way back the faster runners are chasing down the slower ones. In theory we should all get to the original start line at about the same time.  Every 4th rep we get double the recovery.

This is base on the standard 12 x 400 meter workout, but you’d have to be a 6 minute miler to get full laps in. My laps were 385 to 390 meters each time… until the last two. My last lap out was 400 meters, and I made it all the way back as well.

David Weary was close behind on most laps, and on the last return he probably did an extra 5 meters! New HDR member Louanne was always just 5 or so meters back as well…. They are both looking strong.  David and I both signed up for a 25 K trail race in July. We will see how that goes – Mt Disappointment. 

In my case, it may not have been the smartest thing I have ever done… I return from my trip Friday evening July 7, and the race is early Saturday the 8th… at least it will make me get out there and get in a good trail run….

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