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Spunky & PCT to San Francisquito

This is the third time I have run this route…. 5 if you consider it as part of the Leona Divide 30K. Actually, the only difference between this route and the 30K is that the 30K begins and ends down the canyon a bit at the Green Valley Community Center.

Thanks to Janet Dempsey for inviting me to run along… At 6 a.m. Janet, Joe and Kathy Diorio, Veronica Loya and I met up for the run. Joe, Kathy and Janet took off while Veronica and I waited in case Heather were to show up. (Heather has been sick and we were not sure…)

The weather was cool…. almost cold. It was one of those days where when you look at the hills from the Antelope Valley you see a bank of clouds perched on top. The run took place “on top” of those same mountains. We ran in the clouds.

Veronica and I ran together up Spunky Edison. I felt like I was holding back a bit, happy to run her pace. We chatted about my upcoming vacation! When we reached the PCT we caught up to Joe, who was walking. Veronica took a walk break and then a picture break. She said she’d catch up…. she never did.

I just kept cruising all the way to San Francisquito. Joe and Kathy had hid some water there, so I refilled and headed back. Veronica was not far, less than a half mile behind me. Janet and Kathy passed me just after I went over the top of the ridge. Again, I just cruised along. I did not have my Garmin on – I forgot it, so I was recording the effort using the Garmin app, on my phone in my pocket. So, I never looked at splits or pace or anything. I just enjoyed the eerie clouds and the scenery.


After about 10 miles I began to feel pretty fatigued. Coming down Spunky Edison I felt like I was just shuffling along. I did try to keep my cadence reasonable, however. Going up the short climb near the bottom of Spunky I really focused on quick short steps. Turns out I set a PR on this segment… faster than the other two practices and faster than going up this segment in either race!

Overall my pace was 10:23. The previous runs on this course were 10:38 and 11:04.

The rest of my week has been pretty easy, btw, after Tuesday’s speedy speed workout. On Wednesday I rode the Elliptigo to and from Hillview for our last day of school! Thursday I got in the pool for my first pool run of the year – 6 miles (mile equivalents based on time…)


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