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Epic Summer Vacation Part 3 – England to Hamburg

On Tuesday June 20 we boarded the Norwegian Jade at Southampton. Once aboard and settled I went for a run on the running track – deck 13. The sign said 332 yards per lap, 5 1/2 laps per mile. Since the ship was not moving I turned on the GPS and started out. The GPS did not measure anywhere close to the posted distance. Parts of the lap were under cover from deck 14, and I think it did not get consistent signal. So after what should have been a mile, I turned the GPS off.

One advantage of my Stryd power meter is that is also acts as a highly accurate foot pod. It can measure distance independent of GPS. I ran a few more miles and the Stryd pod measured fairly close to the posted distance.  Here is the Relive Video made from the run. I can’t say that the ship in the video is the right ship, but there was a ship docked when google made it’s aerial photo….


The weather was still warm, so afterwards I got a towel, took off my shoes and jumped into the pool..

Wednesday morning Cheryl and I walked all over the ship getting a few miles in, and I did another 4 mile run, with 10 strides – sprints on the straight-aways of the last mile.

Thursday we docked in Hamburg Germany. Most of the passengers ended their cruise here. Cheryl and I got off and took a cab to the Miniature Wonderlund. This is the model railroad of all model railroads. It is HO gauge. It takes two floors of a huge warehouse building. From the outside the place did not even look like a tourist attraction…. just a big warehouse on the edge of the harbor.

The museum was amazing. They had scenes from all over the world, including quite a bit for the USA. The had working trains, cars, trucks, boats and airplanes in their exhibit. They had hundreds of little scenes set up for those who were paying attention to detail. You would look in windows of buildings and see little tiny people set up in their everyday lives. Sleeping, walking, talking, sun bathing on the roof tops. Once again, it was all quite amazing. Cheryl and I spent a few hours there.

Afterwards, I had planned on exploring some more, but a thunderstorm developed. We got under some protection and waited it out, and then headed back to the ship using our umbrellas to protect from the rain.

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