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Epic Summer Vacation Part 4 – Northbound Norway

The evening after leaving Hamburg, something happened to Cheryl’s back. She strained it or something. She cannot remember doing anything in particular, but it really started hurting. She could barely walk that evening (Tuesday) and most of the next day. We got a heating pad from the ship and she spent lots of time with it.

Thursday was our first port in Norway – Geiranger. We got off the ship and tried to find a back brace, but the town was too small for them to have anything like that. We had a bus tour booked to the skywalk. This is a view point atop Mt Dalsnibba – elevation 1500 meters. In town it was lush and green. As we wound our way up the mountain the trees stopped. We entered the Tundra. This is the biome where it is too cold for trees. In California you find this above 10,000 ft elevation. As you go farther north the elevation requirement decreases… In the artic you can find tundra at sea level. Anyway, the bus ride and the view were awesome.

Afterwards we took a walk up the road to a waterfall we had noticed right on the edge of town. We made it up the road and discovered stairs headed down the side of it.

I took Cheryl back to the ship, and decided I had enough time left to run to the waterfall. So I did, I ran to the waterfall and ran UP the steps, then back down the road.

Later still on Saturday, the ship sailed back out to see through the Geiranger Fjord. There are a couple of huge waterfalls, and many smaller ones flowing into the sea.

On Sunday we arrived in Tronheim. My plan had been to walk a couple of miles to a botanical garden, but the ship was parked in a different port than the one I had read about. This would have made the walk a mile farther, and Cheryl was still hurting. We walked into town and checked out a historical fort and looked at their cathedral. We tried again to find a back support, but it was Sunday and NOTHING was open….

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