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Epic Summer Vacation Part 5 – Northbound Norway

Monday the 26th was a sea day. Cheryl rested her back and I hung out with her… The ship sailed north of 66 1/2 degrees north – we entered the Artic Circle.

Early on Tuesday, I decided to get in a long run on the ship. I got up early and started running. I used the Stryd to measure distance so I did not have to worry about counting laps. Actually I elongated some of the laps running through the sunbathing area, as there was no one out there sunbathing in the cold -wet -windy morning. (It was in the 40s during the run…) I kept going until I had run 13 miles! Here are a few pics I took during the run:

After the run we took a ship’s excurtion on Leknes Island. This area is very remote and the ship’s tours were pretty much the only things to do. We had a few great scenic stops and toured a museum…. the museum had 8 or 10 busloads in a very small space – it was not good… but here are the pics of the countryside.

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