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Epic Summer Vacation Part 6 – The top of Norway

On Wednesday June 28 we sailed into Honingsvaag, Norway. This was the farthest north we would be – we were at the Northern Tip of Norway.

The cruise did not dock until noon – I got in a 2 mile recovery run in the morning.

There were two things I really wanted to do at this port so I had reserved a rental car. We timed it so we were in the first 20 or so passengers to disembark and we walked out of the port, asked some locals and quickly found our rental car agency. We were the first there, so we were the first to get through the paper work and get going in our car. By 12:15 we were on the road. We drove out of town and followed a little highway north to Nordkapp (North Cape).  The scenery was other worldly. We were in the tundra – the biome were trees cannot grow…


Nordkapp is a visitor center they built on the top of a 1000 foot cliff at the north tip of Norway. They had a 20 minute video showing life in the region. They had some exhibits inside, but mostly they had an incredible view.

The picture aboave with the ocean behind us and the video below are each looking north. The North Pole is out there somewhere….

We only spent an hour or so here and then we got on our way to our next stop…. The Puffin Safari! It took another 45 minutes of driving out an isolated beautiful road to get to a little fishing village. There they offered a boat trip out to some islands where Puffins and other birds are quite abundant…

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The drive to and from the bird sanctuary offered another treat! Beautiful scenery …. and Reindeer! The females were spotted near NordKapp and they were not too close to the road. The group of males were right at the edge of the fishing village. They crossed the road right in front of us!

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