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Epic Summer Vacation Part 8 – Southbound Norway

If you have been reading these vacation posts, you have probably noticed that my training was a little sporadic. I ran on the ship 8 times in 14 days… I guess that is not so bad – vacation should be a time of recovery…. The final run of the cruise was on Saturday July 1 as we were approaching Alesund, Norway.  It was a bit of a recovery from from the preceding day’s interval workout. I ran 2 miles and then did some laps in the pool. The weather was cold, but the water was warm…

In Alesund Norway we took another ship’s tour to an outdoor museum and then to the Fjelsua Viewpoint. The museum was quite interesting. There were entire viking ships and buildings dating back hundreds of years all moved to this one location where you could check them out. I was surprised at how small the viking war ships were – they were big row boats, and they were ocean going vessels! The houses were very small. In some I could not quite stand up all the way. The Norwegians must have been short in stature….

On Sunday July 2 we had our last cruise port – Bergen, Norway. Bergen is a larger city. Our plan here was to do a Segway tour and then a Zip Line ride up on the mountain above the city. It was a rainy day. We got off the ship and found our way to the Segway people. The tour went on in spite of the rain. We wore ponchos provided by them and the rain did not really affect things much. The tour was fun – informative and fun. We went through crowds, down steep cobble stone alley ways and up Bergen’s version of Lombard Street… This was more narrow and steeper….  The Zip-line, however was closed due high winds.

Monday, the 3rd was a sea day as we made our way back to Hamburg Germany.

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