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my 1st XC RACE of the Summer

My last post expressed how SORE I was after the Mt Disappointment 25k last Saturday. I did not run again till Wednesday morning. On Wednesday I gingerly ran almost 4 miles with the team……

Arriving at Pelona Vista Park for the race I was not sure how well I would be able to do. I ran an easy lap around the soccer fields and the pain in the quads was gone, but they were by no means roaring and ready to go…

As the race started I lined up about half way back and told myself to take it easy. I saw David Weary and Mark Hershey out ahead of me. The first half, even though it felt easy I found myself dodging slower runners. I caught David going up Rayburn hill and pulled ahead of him going through traffic. Going south into the first loop I was gaining on Mark.  We ran past Greg Galli – who was monitoring the course by the ditch crossing – and he said, GO Dale…. I blame him, because shortly thereafter Mark seemed to pull away….

I noticed Mark pass Adam Conoway – another in my age group. I was loosing Mark but gaining on Adam. Miles 2 and 3 went by. I gained on Adam but could not catch him. David Weary was ever present behind me. I would spot him at sharp corners 30-40 meters back. I finished in 24:19… 4th in the age group behind Mark (who also caught and passed Joe Kim), Joe Kim, and Adam.  David was 5th….

Overall I was pleased with the time. It is right in the middle of my times from last year – and I feel I could have gone faster – especially in the beginning.

This morning, btw, the Hillview kids and I did a Jamba run from Marie Kerr Park… Jamba is only a couple of miles from the park so we have to take “long cuts”…. felt pretty good during the run this morning…


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