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Tuesday night HDR Track Workout

I was really sore from the Mt Disappointment run… I mean…. really…. more sore than either of the marathons I had done this year…. more sore than the century ride on the Elliptigo…. more sore than the worst Clayve workout   🙂

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday went by without me being able to return to running. Monday and Tuesday mornings I coached my summer Hillview practice without running. Tuesday night I coached the HDR workout without running as well.  Wednesday morning I did run almost 4 miles with the Hillview kids. It was difficult going. My quads were still not happy with absorbing the impact of landing…. even going easy on the dirt track. The slightest downhill was felt….

But this post is really about the Tuesday night workout. We had 15 show up. This is probably the biggest turnout we have had in awhile. The workout for the week was my Sweet 16 workout.  If you click the menu at the top of the page and scroll down far enough there is a link to a description of the workout…. Each time I do this workout I tweak it a bit, but the description will give you the idea.  Jim Haskett was there with his camera and he took lots of pictures and videos. I thought I’d share at least the videos here:


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