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Leisurely Summer

training…… not necessarily a good thing….. but not all bad either

Saturday I woke up and got lazy…. it was already pretty hot, and I decided that I would do an Elliptigo to Church ride on Sunday as my weekend workout.  Saturday evening, I was “invited” to an early Sunday morning Elders meeting and the GO ride went out the window. I guess a weekend off every now and then is not a bad thing.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings during the remainder of summer, I will be training at Marie Kerr Park with a few of my Hillview runners…. not many are showing up this summer…. Monday we ran a 2 mile warm up, did my “Rock Set” workout and then a few rounds of partner tortures on the playground equipment. The rock set includes some walking lunges and some box jumps…. sure enough, I got sore.

Tuesday, we ran a trail run behind Highland I call the Pacific Plate run…. we go to an overlook where you can look down at the San Andreas Fault and the Pacific Tectonic Plate across the valley.  The picture above is looking south, Pelona Ridge is in the background – on the Pacific Plate.

Tuesday night I cancelled the HDR track workout as the temperature at 6pm was still 100 degrees according to an internet site. I hear that most of the crowd showed up anyway and did a 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1 workout. I figure that is fine, but if the club has officially cancelled the workout than the club can not be held responsible if something were to go wrong.

This morning the Hillview group did its weekly Sweet 16 workout. I have them do the drills for this workout in the big parking lot which is partly shaded by big trees and solar panels….

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