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July Wrap Up – Frisbee golf races!

July is over and my summer vacation is soon to be finished as well…..

(I know… all you non-school teacher friends have NO sympathy for me….)

Update on the last week:

Tuesday the 26th included two runs. In the morning I took the HV students up into the hills for a 5 miler – long for them…. In the evening I met the HDR people at Joe Walker for our HDR workout. We did partner intervals – 400m and 200m repeats – about 5 more miles.

Wednesday we did a Sweet 16 Workout.

Thursday was the HDR Cross Country meet – RELAY week.  My student got themselves all set up on teams and I was left as a free agent. Then my twin girl Superstars – Laisette and Lea, you may recall from last fall – these girls are fast – Laisette won at Mt Sac – that’s fast… they needed a 3rd runner, so I volunteered. Then somehow Karl ended up on the sign up sheet. So, since Karl is way faster than me – I let Karl run with the girls.  I ended up unattached until at the last moment when one of my newer Tuesday night runners Angie, showed up. Angie is fast – we ended up as a team of two. She ran 1st and 3rd, I ran 2nd.  I did my leg (with 2 reps up Rayburn Hill) at about 7:30. We finished at just over 21 minutes… told you SHE is fast. We placed 9th. Karl and the girls were 7th…

Friday was Friday fun day…. easy warm up and some Frisbee golf races! Friday evening I got in a 4″mile” pool run.  I did another on Sunday.

Monday was Rock set day again with the Hillview runners.

Yesterday I made it to Joe Walker and we got in a workout. We did some 200 fast – 100 slow repeats – 2 sets of 6 before rain and thunder had us cut the workout a bit short…

This morning – Wednesday was our “Friday Fun Day” for the week..

Monthly Totals This Year Year To Date
July Running 90 YTD 812 Running
Elliptigo 0 329 Elliptigo
Tandem/Hybrid 0 33 Tandem
Running Equivalents 90 987 Running Equivalents
PPLD 150 2550 PPLD

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