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Summer XC Finale

Yesterday was the High Desert Runners Summer Cross Country Series Finale…. It was my 5th race of the season, having missed the first 3 on vacation. I did not have high hopes of placing any higher than 3rd as Joe Kim and Mark Hershey have been unbeatable for me all season.. Still, since it is worth its own set of HDR Grand Prix Points, I went out there and gave it my best shot.

The weather was in the 90s, not too windy, but humid… a few hours earlier we had thunderstorms blow through. Acton, in fact had torrential flooding, with roads closed, trains turned back down the mountain and helicopter rescues.  Palmdale, just a little rain… by 6 it was all clear, but still humid. I did a short warm up and got close to the line ready to go.

The race played out pretty much like the one two weeks ago. Mark and Joe got ahead of me. Adam Conoway was close behind. At the first mile I was 5 seconds behind Mark who was just a couple behind Joe. At 2 1/2 their lead was up to 10-12. It stayed that way, Joe and Mark slowly pulled slightly farther away, always in sight, but out of reach. Adam was just as close behind me, not allowing me to ease up at all. Coming off the last hill, I noticed that Tom Grady was even closer to me than Adam. I kicked in with whatever I had last and stayed ahead of him.

So, just as predicted, I got 3rd place in my age group. The better news is that my time was another PR… well Personal Course Record that is. I beat my time from 2 weeks earlier according to Strava – by about 7s.


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