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1st Week of 2017-2018 School Year

This week was a bit of a cutback week on training as I have started my 21st school year at Hillview Middle School. After all these years, they have completed changed the science standards and have adopted an online science curriculum… I have lots of work to do in order to figure out what I am doing this year.  So catching up from my last post:

  • Saturday, August 5 – Clay and I headed over to Block Bikes to joins them on their Saturday morning bike ride… on our Elliptigos. That’s right Clay has one now too. Clay’s Elliptigo, is a different model than mine. Mine is the Elliptigo 11R – their most expensive model – their model designed to supplement running.  They call it a long stride Elliptigo. The cadence riding it is long and slow. It is not unusual to be able to ride it for hours at a time. Clay’s is their newest model – the Elliptigo Arc. This has a short quick stride – much closer to a running, or maybe stair climbing stride. It is much more unusual to ride this bike for multiple hours.  ….. Clay and I rode 23 miles with the group – just under 2 hours.
  • Tuesday, August 8 – I met about a dozen runners at Joe Walker for out Tuesday Night track workout. The workout was 12 x 90s. Youngster Brent easily ran complete laps each time (He is a DCS 8th grader – Clay). One of our newer guys- Joe finished consistently just ahead of me 5 to 10m. Dave Weary ran right with me. Most intervals we finished about 370-380 meters. We kept pushing harder and harder and got a couple of 400s in there before I decided that it was wiser to hold back.
  • Wednesday – the actual first day of school, I rode my Elliptigo to and from school. The ride to school in the morning felt really good and was in fact my Elliptigo PR.
  • strava screen
  • I only got in one other workout…. a 4 mile mall walk Wednesday evening….

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