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I have been very lazy lately…. I trained with the HDR peeps Tuesday a week ago… and then ended up taking more than a week off. I could have run in Idaho, but did not. The area around the hotel was shopping and was not too….. I am stopping mid sentence here because there is really no excuse. I just took a week off…

So Friday, I finally started to get back into things by riding my GO to school. The ride in the morning turned out to be my fastest ever! I guess I must have been well rested. Friday night I did my PPLD exercises for the first time in a long time. I was surprised that it did not seem too difficult to do them…. but today I am sore….

Today, I got on the GO again. I am registered for the Tehachapi Gran Fondo Metric Century Ride on September 16…. I have the same fear of Century rides that I have of marathons… So I headed out to do something between 30 and 40… It turned out to be almost 37.

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August 2017


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