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Apollo Rising Run

Bev O’Neal posted on facebook earlier this week that she was going to do an 18 mile long run at Apollo Park this morning. She invited others to join her. She promised that it was the coolest place to run on a hot summer day in the Antelope Valley. She even suggested that the Santa Clarita runners come up to cool off….

I run much faster than she, but I figured if I committed showing up for my own workout, I would… and I did. My plan was to run at least 10, seeing as how I maxed out at 7 last week. I showed up at 6 am and Bev’s car was there. I was just turning to dawn. I started out running counter clockwise around the 1 mile path. I ran the first 5 easy, detouring every 2 or 3 by my truck to pause and get a big swig of water. After 5 I reversed direction. There was a young(er) lady running the opposite direction from me who just got started. As the lap progressed I noticed that I was barely going faster than her. So, my competitive nature kicked in and I set into my marathon pace. The last five miles I averaged 7:58… including a 7:37 final mile!

Apollo Rising Run Run Strava

So, I ended up doing 10 miles with a 5 mile fast finish!

I am thinking that this would be a good club workout once or twice a month. People could come and do whatever they want! Long run, fast run, walk…… and with people running opposite directions you get to wave hi twice a lap!

Yesterday, btw, I got in my commute miles on the GO… the morning ride was number 4 fastest all time…. the GO home ride was at 100+ degrees, so…. not so fast….

updated…. a few hours after the run @ about 10:30 I headed out on the Elliptigo. I went to the Agueduct to 60th and back. I made the 14+ miles in just under an hour… It was up to 100 by the time I finished….

But I set a couple of Strava PRs along the way!

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