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August Recap

August was the shortest running month of the year so far. School started, and for some reason the principle made me wait for approval for my xc club – which I run year round whenever XC season or track season is not ongoing. So, the first 3 weeks of school I could not run with the team. It felt good to be able to stay in my class room and get some work done after school – like a normal teacher…

Also, I decided to try a 3 run a week training regimen…. Just 3 runs…. A speed workout on Tuesday, a tempo workout on Thursday, and a long run – with some marathon pace miles on Saturday or Sunday. In addition to the three runs I need to get in at least 3 good cross training efforts – 2 commutes on the Elliptigo and a longer GO would work.  The GO rides need to progress longer and longer as I am signed up for 3 metric centuries and 1 full century in the 3 months – Tehachapi Gran Fondo Metric, Simi Valley Share the Road metric, Rat Beach Bike Ride Metric and Bike the Coast Century.

I got in most of the Tuesdays, but I did not really get the Thursdays going until this week – when XC practice began… and the weekends have been mostly awol as well….

The last week, however went pretty close to the plan.

  • Friday the 25th I got in a commute (2 x 6 miles on the GO) The ride GOing to school was a new PR – I completed my GO to HIllview Strava segment in21:27 – average speed 15.9 mph
  • Saturday I went for a long GO ride. Tehachapi is coming very soon – Sept 16.  This was the ride covered in my last post.
  • Sunday I attempted a long run. After the long GO ride, and some exercises on Thursday, I was not up to it…. I only got in 7. But I added a 4 mile walk in the afternoon and a 3 mile pool run in the evening.
  • Tuesday the 29th I got in a good speed workout in the morning with my XC team. We did 3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,1.  This was a tough “first” workout for them. The workout was on the grass field at Hillview so I cannot say how my times were. In the evening as the HDR workout was starting – it was still 100 degrees. So we did the Sweet 16 workout rather than intervals.
  • Wednesday I ran 3 with the team, rather than a commute, as it is hard to get to Hillview on the GO by 6 am.
  • Thursday I had the team do their 2×4 trial run. This worked out great for me as well. I ran it fast as my tempo run. I completed the 3.8 mile hilly course in 29:39, 7:39 pace – a new Strava segment PR, and 2nd overall to Cade Ruble back in 2014.

So, the last week was pretty much according to plan…

Here are the numbers:

August Running 63 YTD 876 Running
Elliptigo 84 426 Elliptigo
Tandem/Hybrid 0 33 Tandem
Running Equivalents 105 1100 Running Equivalents
PPLD 50 2600 PPLD

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