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GO Sand Canyon & Santa Clarita Paseos

My goal for this morning was to get in a 50 mile Elliptigo ride, in preperation for the Tehachapi Gran Fondo 100K (60 miles) in 12 days. Seeing as how it is Labor Day, I opted to load the GO in the truck and drive down to Santa Clarita to ride there. I love the Paseos. There are always other people out, they are safe from cars, and not too hilly.

It looked like it had rained. It was muggy but only around 70 degrees when I got started. I headed east on the Soledad Canyon path. I decided to do a loop up Sand Canyon road and down Placerita. I had noticed other riders do this (specifically, Adam) and I thought it might be interesting. It was. The homes going up Sand Canyon are gorgeous and the scenery coming down Placerita was not too bad either. When I got back to the 14 on Placerita I opted to go UP Sierra Hwy so that I could come down the awesome steep path on Golden Valley Road…. about half way up I was not so sure that was a great idea. The hill was steeper and longer than it looked from the bottom…

I made my way back to the Bouquet Canyon area, where I had parked, at Lowes…  I had 24 miles in.  I have a 20 mile loop so I started to do it. I realized that if I finished the loop I would have an awkward 6 miles to go. So, I did 13 miles of my loop, counterclockwise and then reversed direction back to the beginning.

I set 17 Elliptigo PRs, so I must have been GOing pretty good. More surprising was that I set 9 “CYCLING” PRS. This means that on 9 segments I beat times that I had previously ridden on my Fuji road bike…. The wind was favorable today… there was none to speak of.

I tried some chewable salt tablets this time to try and stave off cramping issues. I took one every 10 miles… I think they helped. I had no cramping during or after the ride. I was still completely exhausted when I finished…. perhaps some breakfast and some calories during the ride would have helped.

One final thought… I recorded the ride with a new bike computer I acquired – a Lezyne Super GPS. It is compatible with my power pod power meter…. my Garmin watch was not…  On the computer, it said I had 50.13 miles at the finish. When it was uploaded to Strava, Strava changed it to 49.6….. hmmm….   Sporttracks mobi, kept the distance at 50.13.  hmmm… you can see power and other data here sportracks or here Strava

I’d appreciate if someone would comment about these two links. I assume you can look at them…. not sure really.

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