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Lexus Laceup Orange County 10K

First the week’s recap:

  • Monday was the long Elliptigo ride detailed in my previous post.
  • Tuesday – speedwork day at Hillview and HDR – In the morning I ran a 4,3,3,2,2,1,1 workout with the Hillview team. I felt pretty good. The overall workout was pretty short – We only have from 6 to 7 to get everyone together and get in a workout. Later in the evening my hip was feeling funny so I sat the HDR workout out.
  • Wednesday I Elliptigo-d to and from school
  • Thursday I ran twice with the Hillview runners – 4 miles easy in the AM and 2 miles easy in the hot afternoon.
  • Friday I rested –

As soon as school was out Friday I headed quickly home. I hooked up our little camping trailer to the truck and headed towards Newport Beach. I was dreading the thought of attempting to drive through LA on a Friday afternoon but it was not as bad as expected. In situations like this I use google maps and it redirects me to follow the quickest path. It is not ALWAYS on the freeway. I got off in East LA for a bit!

Saturday  morning Cheryl and I woke up at Newport Dunes campground. I got ready for a race and she got ready for a bike ride. We got on the Tandem and rode 10 miles up the bike paths into Irvine, to Woodbridge Park.

(I know the music sounds like something they’d play between innings at a ball game.)

We made the 10 mile ride in 46 minutes, with an hour to get checked in and ready for the race. Somehow, I forgot to bring a lock for the tandem. I spotted a gear check station, so I went over and “checked” in a tandem.  The students there were very helpful!!

The event had 3 races. There was a marathon relay – 5 legs at a little more than 5 miles each. They began first around 7:45. At 8 the 5K got started and by 8:10 they were starting the first wave of my 10K. Before the race I had looked up last years results and there were no Male 55-59 finishers that went sub 50. So I went into the race hoping for an age group win!

I started pretty much right at the front. 25 – 30 runners got out ahead of me as I settled into a comfortable speed. Only one guy looked like he could be my age. My first mile was 7:13. By now I was starting to reel in a few who had gone out too quickly, including the one potential competitor. Mile two was 7:14. The path was a very gradual downhill – downriver on the path I had just ridden in on – there were a number of underpasses where the bike path goes under a roadway and back up again.  Mile 3 I caught a few more – split of 7:23. I counted the runners ahead of me, (best as I could as the path was open to non racers and cyclists as well) and figured I was 22nd at the U-turn. My 5K split was 22:32 – about as fast as any 5K I had run all year!

The return was a very gradual uphill… with those road underpasses which now seemed (and were) taller coming out of than going into.  Still, mile 4 was a quick one at 7:19. I did catch one guy somewhere during mile 5 – 7:32.  There were a couple of young ladies out ahead of me, but I could not seem to make progress during mile 6 – 7:48. A guy passed me during this mile, but I am thinking he was a relay runner. The last .2 I picked it up a bit and ran in at a 7:11 pace. My wife tried to get my photo coming in, but she could not operate the camera fast enough getting me only after I had gone by…


I finished in an official time of 45:52 – average pace 7:23! Calculating my age graded score – it is 70.19. This is my best race since the Carlsbad 5000 in 2014! Looks like I am back to being a “regional class” runner…. (They say that age graded scores above 80% are national class (think Steve Brumwell – Justin Patananan), scores above 70% are regional class (good enough to score some wins within regional races, I suppose) and 60% is considered local class…


I collected my medal and checked the results….. I did win first in my age group out of 11 other runners. There was another guy about 30s behind me…


The race festival had food trucks (one complimentary item included and lots of booths and such. It was fun! After collecting my award, Cheryl and I got the tandem out of gear check and enjoyed a leisurely ride back to Newport Dunes.

The afternoon at camp was very leisurely. We did head out for a drive and took the truck across the harbor on the Balboa Island Ferry. We were in the front, which made it look like you were driving across the water.

This morning I got up and headed out for a recovery run. I explored the Balboa and Newport Pier area, rode the ferry again and looped back to camp.

The 10K run, btw, gave me 900 miles for the year so far…

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