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Twosday Workous

Tuesday is one of my 3 days of running each week on my current training plan. Tuesday is speedwork day. Since I coach at Hillview and I coach for the High Desert Runners, I have the perfect opportunity to get in some speedwork.

The Hillview team has the option of 6 am or 2:15 pm workouts. At the morning workout we did our first “Secret Weapon” workout of the year. This is where we run from Hillview down to 45th and N for a warm up. Then we do uphill intervals working our way up 45th, N8, 55th and Regent Hill Terrace. Since this was our first Secret Weapon of the year, we started with 2 minute intervals. From N we went up 45th for two minutes. At the end of two minutes, during the 2 minute recovery I turned and walked back 100 m or so to what I estimated was the half way point between N and  N8. The kids who were faster had to walk back to me. The kids who were slower had to walk up to me. We did 2 minutes again getting well around the corner onto N8. We walked back down to 45th on recovery. We did a half way up N8 run on our 3rd interval and ran up to 50th on interval #4. After crossing 50th we switched to 3 1/2 minute intervals. The goal is to get from 50th to 55th and then from N8 to the top of Regent in 3 1/2  minutes. I did not quite make either one. I was only about 20m from the top of Regent – tying my best from last year…

I did not run with the Hillview afternoon workout. It was in the 90s so rather than have them attempt Secret Weapon I had them do Sweet 16. I will have the afternoon kids do Secret Weapon today, when it is only supposed to be 82.

For the evening HDR workout I tortured them with a 1,2.3,4,5,6 workout. Those are minutes, not laps. Based on the complaints from the participants it was tough. The goal was to maintain the same speed as the time and distance kept increasing.. I believe I averaged somewhere around a 6:50 pace…

So in total I ran about 10 miles with timed intervals of 2,2,2,2, 3 1/2, 3 1/2, 1,2,3,4,5 and 6… 36 minutes total.

On Monday, btw, I commuted on the Elliptigo and rode with the team while they did a 2×4 trial. I rode home as well, of course.  Tuesday after getting home from the HDR workout I got on the GO and did an easy mile.  The Elliptigo riders club is having a contest and one of the categories is days ridden. So, even adding a 1 mile ride helps.


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