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Trying to get into Boston

Yesterday I submitted my registration for the Boston Marathon. Some good friends are already accepted: Steve Brumwell, Erik Ruble, Krysti Ruble, Dora Guttierez…. Those who qualified by more than 5 minutes have already had their window for registration. Those who qualified with less than 5 minutes to spare can register yesterday, today or tomorrow. Out of those who do, they will fill the remaining spots with runners based on who qualified with the most time to spare. I ran Mountains 2 Beach in 3:36:03 so I have an almost 4 minute cushion. I believe that last year those with more than around 2 1/2 minutes cushion got in…. so we will see, but I will be surprised if I am not accepted.

If I am accepted, than Lord willing, I will be competing in my 3rd Boston Marathon. I ran my first in 2010 when I was at the peak of my fitness. I PR’d there with a time of 3:19:30.  I returned in 2012 still running in great shape, but it was in the upper 80s that day. I cruised in around 3:45.  For 2018? We will see.

I figure, however, if I am going to sacrifice the time (from my family) and money to go to Boston then I will want to be uber-ready for it. Meaning, some of my excess pounds have GOT to go. Last May when I ran Mountains to Beach I got down to around 174. Over summer, with the vacations I got up to 179, right now I am back to 176.  Back in 2010, near as I can tell I was in the mid 170s. I am not 100 percent sure, I do not seem to have any weight data between July 2009 (173) and May 2010 (179) In April May 2012 I was in the low 160s….

Anyway, I want to be in the 160s when I go to Boston….

Update on training…. Last week:

Monday – 19 GO miles
Tuesday – 10 miles in two Speed workouts
Wednesday – 18 GO miles
Thursday – 4 mile Tempo
Friday – 4.5 easy Jamba Run
Saturday – 62 mile Elliptigo

Only 10 running, but 99 GO for a 68 running equivalent miles

Sunday I rested, Monday I ran 4 easy…

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