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Training Update

Last week was a step back week… The September Elliptigo miles competition is over and there was coaching stuff to do. I ran almost 5 on Monday the 2nd. I did a morning AND and afternoon Secret Weapon workout – It was windy, and I recall it felt pretty tough. The next workout was not till Saturday. I ran an impromptu, memorial 5k in honor of a teacher from Ana Verde Hills School that was killed in the Las Vegas shooting. It was not timed and the course was not well defined, but I got in a good 5k tempo effort.

Yesterday I ran twice with the students – 4 miles each time easy.

Today I did morning and afternoon Leap Frog runs. These are always fast and hard efforts. Each workout ends up being a mile warm up, 2 reps of 1 1/4 at 10k pace and then a mile cool down. By the end of the afternoon version I was pretty “done” Looking at the Strava Segments they were among my best! I scored a 2nd place in the afternoon and a 4th in the morning!

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