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Boston Bound!

I am not sure what happened…. I wrote this a week or two ago and somehow never published it… .I THOUGHT I published it, but alas I did not. AND IT CONTAINS SOME EXCITING NEWS!!!

The long wait is over. Today I received a confirmation email from the Boston Athletic Association stating that my entry was accepted for the 2018 Boston Marathon! I wasn’t really worried about it as I had a pretty big cushion over my qualifying time. I needed a 3:40 to qualify and I finished Mountains 2 Beach in 3:36:03.  That’s 3 minutes 57 seconds extra. Last year the cutoff was 2:09.

Still registration closed Wednesday a week ago and everyday I checked my email and I checked the website to see if I got in. A few days ago the website had an announcement that registration was officially closed, meaning that it would not reopen, meaning that they had more than enough entries…. so the wait for the cutoff had begun.

Today I finally got the email. I am in. I googled around and found on their web site that the cut off this year was up to 3 minutes 23 seconds! WoW! I only made it with 34 seconds to spare!

I am thinking back to the running of that BQ, the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon back in May and how Chuck Fieland showed up to cheer me on. How he got out there and ran the last 3 or 4 miles with me. I was dying those last few miles. I was dehydrated, running on autopilot with a sputtering engine. I kept running cuz I knew if I allowed myself a walk break I would not get going again. Chuck was a few steps ahead of me so I tried the best I could to keep pushing. I am certain that without Chuck I would have lost those 34 seconds….  So, thanks once again, Chuck! Want to go to Boston? you can pace me the last few miles again! 🙂

I told my wife the other day that I am not going to the trouble and expense of going to Boston to have a leisurely race. I will train hard – or should I say smart, and I WILL be in the low 160s on race day… better yet, dare I say sub 160? I wonder if I could beat my 2010 time adjusting for age?

Interesting- I just ran some calculations and found that if I were to run a 3:35:05 or faster in Boston on April 16 at the age of 56 + I would have an age graded score of 69.14 or higher – which was my score when I ran a 3:19:50 in 2010 (age 48). I would have to run 3:27:18 or faster to tie my all time marathon age graded score of 71.74 when I ran Ojai 2 Ocean in 3:15:30 in 2012 – age 50.

I am thinking if I train smart and get myself really trim, I might have a shot!

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