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WELL I DID RUN 500 Miles

Well I did run 500 miles…

and I did run 500 more
just to be the guy that ran
1000 miles to go and run some more
de de le ta… de de le ta ….

So, I noticed today that I passed 1000 miles on Tuesday!  I hit 1000 last year on  December 4 and only made it to 1023. I am 1013 after this mornings run! Woo Hoo! Interestingly, I have 540 miles to go if I am to tie last years riding miles…. Not sure if I will make it. Sounds like a goal though.

This morning I got up early and ran with Karl, Angie, Veronica and Sylvia… Well the 5 of us started together. Part way through the run Veronica and Sylvia disappeared…. We ran from Karl’s house up N to 60th, down to M8, up to 70th, down to M, down to 65th, down to L8 and down to 55th. Then we ran the long steadily getting steeper climb up 55th back to ave N. Then we returned to Karl’s.

Trying to keep up with Karl and Angie makes even makes the downhill a significant effort  On Strava I set 5 Segment PRs two on the uphills and one on the downhill of 70th west.


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