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California Middle School XC Championship Invitational Meet @ Riverside XC Course

This year, they cancelled Mt SAC for Middle Schools and Elementary. I am not sure why, I think they are having a building project and it will return. So, someone stepped up and set up a replacement meet, calling it the Middle School XC Championship meet… but it is really an invitational – like Mt SAC…. but it is the closest thing that middle school’s have to a championship meet – so I like the name!

We competed there on Friday. It was big, but not as big as Mt SAC. The course was well managed and the meet well organized, but it was not quite the same as Mt SAC. In fact, there seemed to be a little LESS emphasis on teams. They only gave a plaque award to first place in each division (Mt SAC does 3). At Mt SAC, if your team places you get 7 medals to give to the 7 runners that helped you do so. Riverside did not do this. On the other hand, Mt SAC gives 15 individual medals per race, Riverside gave 60! One more difference was that Mt SAC held 3 different races in each grade level based on school size. Riverside did just one!

So, first race, our 8th grade boys competed. Our best boy, Colin Culver places 21st – the Team placed 7th out of 19 teams. Full Results

Race two was the 8th grade girls. I had high hopes for the girls. Shelby Smith led the way placing 3rd overall. Riley Briones placed 6th, Wynter Wilson 17th, Milana Mercado 26th and Aubree Sewalson 30th.  We were 7 points behind the winner tied for 2nd. Our #6 girl beat the other team’s #6 girl so we placed 2nd. Full Results


Race 3 was our 7th grade boys.  Our only top 20 finisher was Brock Berrios. We placed 8th out of 20 teams. Full Results

The 4th race was the one I was really waiting for. Our 7th grade girls are very strong this year. We are led by identical twin sisters with a very strong supporting cast. Unfortunately, the fastest of the twins, our #1 runner was recovering from an illness and was unable to race. She probably would have won… But still, her sister Lea Rachal led the team and placed 3rd in the race. Brianna Delgado was right behind her in 4th. Rylin Sewalson ran strong and finished 19th. April Navas came in 28th. Andi Briggs really stepped up. I spotted her about 2/3s through the race and told her she was our #5 and we really needed her to finish strong. She gave me thumbs up and started picking off runners. She ended up #33. The girls won the race 75 to 80! Full Results


Our next race was 6th boys. 6th grade teams are hit and miss with Hillview. We only have 90 6th grade students. I invite 6th graders from our feeder schools to join in. Some years lots of them do so, some years it is very few. This has been a smaller turnout year. We did manage to field a 6th grade boys team, our leader was Ben Kennard in 19th. The boys placed 12 out of 12 teams. Full Results

We did not field a complete team of 6th grade girls and none of those who ran finished in the top half of the field. Full Results

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