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Squeaky Wheel Breast Cancer Ride

Today was the 2nd annual (that I know of) Squeaky Wheel Breast Cancer Ride. This is a fun event. The route starts at Squeaky Wheel and heads to the aqueduct by Highland, over to Goode, and then the infamous 3 canyons: Bouquet, Spunky, and San Francisquito.

I rode the GO, of course. Everyone stayed together until we started up P-12 adjacent to Highland. The road bikes started to pull away even though I felt like I was moving pretty good. (P12 was a segment PR.) By the time we made the uber steep 100 meter climb onto the aqueduct I was in the back.  On the aqueduct I could see the bikes pulling farther and farther ahead. Going up Goode, I felt strong (another PR) and I even caught a cyclist. Going down the backside the cyclist caught me. The Bouquet Canyon netted another PR and another pass of the cyclist. Once again he passed me going down. Spunky, another PR, but I did not catch the cyclist. I paused for a picture…

The going was getting tough on Spunky as part of the time a head wind was adding to the grade. Going up San Francisquito was the same, the hill gets steeper and steeper and the wind got stronger and stronger. By the time I reached the last mile I was really working – all out… Going past the PCT I spotted a running friend – Louanne. She got in her car and got ahead of me. She stopped and took a video and a few photos of my struggle at the top of the hill

The guy I had passed on Goode and Bouquet…. He was walking…

The climb up San Fran was yet another Segment PR…

The 3 canyons as a whole was a segment PR!

When I got back to Elizabeth Lake road, for the long gradual downhill, I encountered a head wind. It did not take long at all for the road bike guy to blow by me…. The ride back into Palmdale was tough. So tough that my total time last year ended up being faster than this year….

TOTALS: 41.8 miles in 3:27:29 – average speed 12.1 mph


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