Let’s Call it Tapering

I have hit one of those low motivation spells the last few weeks…. I have been getting in just 2 or 3 workouts a week – not even a lot of GO rides… Those that I have done have been good quality efforts but they have been sparse….

Saturday I have the Bike the Coast Century ride, so…. let’s call it tapering.  🙂

In my defense it has been rather busy of late…. and I lost one weekend accompanying my son-in-law to a men’s retreat at Lake Hume… It was a blast… I snuck away from the happenings for a run one morning.. in between the other fun stuff…

I will need to get back into things…. Between now and Christmas I will concentrate on a base building weight losing phase.  On Dec 25, Christmas Day, my official 16 week Boston Marathon Training Program begins, and i want my long runs into the upper teens BEFORE the program begins.

I was updating some stats for October and realized that I had not updated my stats for September …

October Running 71 YTD 1043 Running
Elliptigo 57 790 Elliptigo
0 53 Tandem
Running Equivalents 100 1455 Running Equivalents
PPLD 25 2625 PPLD
September Running 97
Elliptigo 341 Running Equivalents
20 = running miles
Running Equivalents 274 + 1/2 Elliptigo
PPLD 0 + 1/3 Tandem


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