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GO Bike the Coast Century Ride

Yesterday was my second ride of the Bike the Coast Century Ride – on my Elliptigo. It was a LONG ride and a LONG day. I got up at 3 am and left the house at 3:30. The traffic, of course was minimal as I made the drive to Oceanside.. I arrived around 5:45. I parked, checked in, got my GO ready and headed to the start line. It was a chilly morning so I wore an old race t-shirt over my Tehachapi Gran Fondo ride shirt to keep warm, figuring I could just throw it away at one of the SAG stations.

I got up near the front so that I was able to start right at the back of the first wave of riders. The ride went well… My total elapsed time was 8:58:12 – 14 minutes faster than last year. As I look at my average speed, however, last year seems to be faster…. which is surprising as I felt like I was moving pretty good yesterday. I can think of a couple of factors though… Yesterday I had several stretches of block after block of red lights… of course, when you see a red light ahead you coast up to it. A few intersections, in Carlsbad have a “walk in every direction” cycle so when I got to these, I walked across – saving total time, but lowering my average, I suppose… The other factor is that I just stopped less often and took less time to rest at the SAG stations.

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