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Good week of training…

Last Saturday was the Bike the Coast Century ride – I rode the Elliptigo 102 miles…. The recovery from this was not bad. I did not get sore, that I noticed, but I did feel some fatigue early in the week.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: “Easy” Interval day – I ran a couple of miles with the Hillview kids + 10 strides.
Wednesday: GO to and from School and an easy 3.5 mile run – up to the aqueduct.
Thursday: Tempo Tunnels Run – 6 miles with 5 of those miles at a Tempo effort.
Friday: School Holiday – 14 mile GO up on the Aqueduct to 60th West and back.

Saturday: Trail Run with Andi and Stacey 14 miles!

  • Thoughts:
    I probably could have done more on Tuesday, but I used the century ride for an excuse for an easy day.
  • The last month or so I have been meaning to get in a tempo run every Thursday. Thursday is supposed to be Tempo day. A couple of times I have met Karl et al for an early morning run and this worked well….. except that it is SO…… early. The last one that I was supposed to go to was at 4:45 am!  It occurred to me that I did not need to do that. Instead I would turn my Thursday afternoon Hillview club run into a tempo run, at least for me. This week we did the 6 mile run up to the aqueduct through the tunnels and back. I ran the first half mile easy and then took off. I ran from the entrance to the Boulders Mobile Home park, up N8, around our ‘long cut’ loop and up the trails to 60th and the aqueduct. This was a 2 mile uphill hard section. We all regrouped there. I ran the half mile from there to the back side of the tunnel hard and then waited for a regroup again. Then I ran the downhill hard as well, back to the RV Blvd crossing by the Boulders. I felt good and ran faster than all but a couple of my runners.
  • Today was a bit of a revelation. For the last two months, long runs have been VERY few and far between. 2 weeks ago I did 10. 6 weeks ago 12 and 3 weeks prior to that 10. I met Andi and Stacey at San Francisquito this morning hoping for somewhere between 10 and 13. Andi stated her plan to run to Spunky Edison and back – 14 miles. I figured that I would give it a shot, but was a little worried I would be dying on the return. Andi and I ran together all the way – with lots of chatting – and all the way back. We made the last climb heading toward San Fran whilst talking (mostly me) and we were at the top before I even realized it. Heading down the last downhill I opened up and let it go! I felt fine all the way through.
  • SO – Long Elliptigo rides must be effective at building the endurance needed for long runs! Usually, if I extend a run farther than anything I have done lately, the last couple of miles…. the extension… are miserable. Not so today! 2 1/4 hours of trail running (sub 10 pace) seemed nothing compared to 8 hours on the GO last weekend.
  • I have finally resumed the strength work… I have done 3 sets of my PPLD workout this week!

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