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2017 YMCA Turkey Trot

November has ended with a couple of good runs…

Thanksgiving Day was the annual YMCA Turkey Trot. I got there early (as usual), checked in, visited with friends, got in a little bit of a warm up and got lined up near the front. Steve Brumwell and Grant Barnett were up there with me. I was notable that some of the other frequent HDR runners – Erik and Krysti, and Oscar and Dora were not there…. With Erik there I had high hopes for a 2nd place age group award… But I also wondered about our chances for the team award.

The Turkey trot has a team division, and last year we (the High Desert Runners) got beat by Ashley Seeger’s Obstacle race training group: “Becoming Badass.” I did note that there were a couple of middle school boys there who belong to the club…. so, we would see….

As the race began I got off to a quick start. The first mile, up and over the freeway and then mostly slightly downhill was a 6:52. The second mile, winding through the neighborhood and slightly up was 7:15. Turning onto 17th is where mile 3 begins, you have some down but then up and over the freeway on tired legs and lungs… 7:02 – Not Bad. Rounding the corner to the finish a young(er) lady caught me, but I found a little extra and surged back ahead… My finish time was 22:16.  This was a little faster than the Nutty Runners (likely a tad short) and the fastest since Carlsbad 5000 in 2014…

I failed to write about this right away as I spent the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend awaiting the posting of official results. The good news is that we won! One of those middle school boys, Brent Roetshinder (DCS) placed 3rd overall. Steve Brumwell 5th. Grant Barnett 7th, Colin Culver (Hillview) 11th and I was 15th. Woo Hoo!

The bad news is that the timing company has the results inexplicably way off… They have me at 21:42. I double checked the GPS file and my 22:16 should be correct. Grant has reported his time as off by 48s. Steve and others are off as well. Scott Zierman told me he finished in 26:12.. They have him at 40+ minutes.

I emailed them to let them know they had issues…They say they used their chip system, but I suspect it malfunctioned and they used a manual back up. The other clue I have for this was that at the race, they took an hour to produce results and then they were only able to produce SOME of the race divisions.. almost everyone had given up and left by the time they finished announcing (if they finished – I gave up and left.)

Fortunately, this company is NOT the company I use at my races….

Oh, Grant was dressed up in his Turkey running shorts for the race!!


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  1. Not many of our members actually signed up officially as team HDR for the 2016 Turkey Trot. The top three HDR members were faster than ashleys top 3 (one of which was Heather who is also HDR) though looking at the results. Also, Grant paced last year instead of racing so he would have been up there too. I think we really need to emphasize registering as team High Desert Runners for any race you sign up for, and check to see if there’s an existing team when signing up too.

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