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November Wrap Up

The month of November is over. This last week I did get in a few more runs, but I was flaky about riding the Elliptigo….

Saturday the 25th was our November Apollo Rising Run. This was our best turn out yet. We had about a dozen runners show up! I started before 7 with a goal of 16 laps… that is 16 miles.  As I was on #3 I heard someone gaining on me. After a few glances back I realized that it was Grant Barnett. He caught me and we proceeded to run the rest together. Reminded me of old times with Chuck… running and talking… talking and running…. before I knew it 16 miles were complete – 14 for Grant. Meanwhile, as I said, others had shown up. Grant hurried off to meet an appliance repairman, but the some of the rest of us hung out awhile…


Tuesday I got in a fine track workout with the HDR peeps. We did 5 x 4 minutes… in my case, 5 x 1000m….. We ran our 4 minute reps, I yelled, “TIME!” and I proceeded to run a few more seconds to finish the 1000.  The recovery was only 2 minutes, during which I had go jog the 200 back.  My 1000m splits were 4:14, 4:06, 4:06, 4:14, and 4:01…. Tom Grady, btw ran the workout not that far behind me… Doing that last rep so close to 4 minutes is exciting… 4 minutes for 1000m   x  5 reps = 20 minutes for 5000… I have not dared to thing I could ever break 20 minutes again in a 5k…. but why not?

Wednesday I ran the Sweet 16 with my students. It turns out I have neglected this workout for myself for too long.  Thursday and Friday I was sore!!  Friday, (the 1st) I parked at Jamba Juice in the morning and I ran to school. After school the kids and I ran back.  9 miles for the day total.

Here are the totals for November and the year so far.

November Running 83 YTD 1126 Running
Elliptigo 129 919 Elliptigo
Tandem/Hybrid 31 84 Tandem
Running Equivalents 158 1613 Running Equivalents
PPLD 25 2625 PPLD

I have already exceeded last years running miles, but am behind on the Elliptigo:

2016 Totals
1172 Elliptigo
156 Tandem
1024 Running

Hmmm. maybe in December I can shoot for that Elliptigo total….


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  1. Your Thanksgiving 5K time was impressive. Hopefully, your training for Boston continues to go well. The long conversational runs with friends is what I miss the most.

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