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Calm before the Storm

I have been taking it pretty easy the last couple of weeks… I have put in a couple of nice track workouts, but not much else…. Tuesday a week ago we did a bunch of 1 minute repeats….. this week they were 90s repeats.  My pace on intervals is looking good. I probably average around 1:37-1:40 a lap… about a 6:30-6:40 pace.

I squeezed in one Elliptigo ride Sunday morning – 14 miles.

But now, this week and next are my last two before the official Boston Marathon training begins. This would be according to the FIRST Plan published in Runner’s World in 2005. The unique feature of this plan is that it only prescribes 3 runs a week… with 3 cross training workouts on other days. This plan seems to be ideal with my “Ride the GO” and run plan… If I can be consistent on the Elliptigo.

The Boston Marathon people have also published an official Boston Marathon training plan that looks interesting as well. Like the FIRST plan, there are 3 key workouts each week. The interesting thing with this plan is that it is obviously fine tuned to the unique attributes of the Boston course…

Either way, my plan going into either plan is to get in one more LONG run. I have, in between my days of rest, and my recent races, been increasing my long run – all the way up to 16 laps (miles) at Apollo Park a few weeks back… This weekend I plan on 18ish on the trails.

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