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San Francisquito PCT – 18

Years ago, I recall reading an article where they had studied various factors looking for which of them had the best correlation to success in following through a marathon training program and getting the outcome you desired at the end. I wish I could find that article now…. I recall that number 1 on the list was the longer the longest long run PRIOR to starting the marathon training the more likely the success. I have since tried to heed the findings of this study. If I have a marathon planned far enough in advance, I go through a pre training phase where the main goal is to gradually build the length of the long run.

This time, I have taken it VERY slowly. Mixing long Elliptigo rides with long runs:

Dec. 16 18 mile Trail Run
Nov. 25 16 mile Apollo Rising Run
Nov. 11 14 mile Trail Run
Nov. 4 102 mile GO RIDE
Oct. 28 10 mile Apollo Rising Run
Oct. 15 42 mile GO RIDE
Sept. 30 70 mile GO RIDE
Sept. 23 12 mile Apollo Rising Run
Sept. 16 62 mile GO RIDE
Sept. 9 10K race
& 20 mile Tandem Ride
Sept. 4 50 mile GO RIDE
Sept. 2 10 mile Run
& 14 mile GO RIDE

Several of the intervening weeks have been 10K races. A couple have been off.  The trail runs provide variety in pace and effort. The Apollo Rising runs provide a chance to run at or near marathon pace on a nice flat course. The GO rides, I believe helped build the necessary strength and stamina to ramp up the longer runs.

As noted above. Today I ran 18 on the PCT:

I solved the hardest part of my run (getting started) by posting the run a couple of days ahead of time and inviting anyone who wanted to come join me. No one bit on the idea of 18 miles, but several decided to meet at the trail head and do something. Even if no one does the whole run, meeting someone and getting started, gets ME started! A, new to the area, runner – triathlete, Joe Buchner was one to join in. He has come to some of the Tuesday night workouts and is a bit faster than me on intervals. He ran with me for 4 miles before turning to head back.

I continued past the bench, past Spunky Edison, and even a tad past the ridge 4 miles from Bouquet Canyon. On the way back, at the low point just south of Spunky Edison I started to feel my behind getting very wet. I was running with a hydration pack and it was leaking.

Leaky in water bag

I could think of no solution other than drink as much as I could before it was all gone. Fortunately, it was a cool day. I was feeling pretty beat up the last mile or two, but that could have been the distance as much as the dehydration.

I have put in a few other runs this week: Friday – 4.5 miles run to Vince’s Pizza with the Hillview runners for our Christmas (er, sorry, Holiday) Party. Thursday we did our 12 Days of Christmas workout!! Wednesday – Sweet 16.  Tuesday – Intervals with the HDR runners, but I believe I already posted about that.

As I get ready to officially begin I am excited about the process and the possibilities. My goal for the Boston Marathon will to be to set an Age Graded Course PR! If you click on the “pancake stack” in the upper right corner of my blog you will get a menu of other pages. Click on Age Graded and you will see all my races with their age graded calculations. I was very pleased to see that my recent Riverside Lexus Lace Up 10K scored very high on the list – #5!  A few seconds faster and it would have been an aged graded 10K PR!  Wow, I did not think I was in that kind of shape… I still feel overweight and that I have a ways to go… So, for Boston, I will have to run 3:27 ish to set a Boston Age Graded PR. I believe if I stay the course with my training program and shed another 5 or 10 pounds this should be WELL within reach!


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  1. Great job on Age Grade! A great indicator to compare different times in your running life. I remember well the Mardi Gras and Santa Monica races back in late 2010 and early 2011. And the GO riding is a must for us old folks if you are wanting to run long. Keeps us healthier avoiding the pounding.

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