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12 Days of Christmas Workout

This was probably a 12 Days of Christmas Record…. 13 runners… on a very cold and a little windy Tuesday evening! Actually, the wind died down and we all got so into our exercises that the cold became bearable…  I timed myself at 39:58… Pretty sure that is my record. I was the 2nd finisher of the group however, my student Colin Culver finished a few minutes ahead of me. The next finishers were Louanne Grier and new club member Robert Goude. You can look at the picture and see the list of exercises we did, in the style of the 12 Day of Christmas: 1 Hop the steps, 2 up the ramps, 1 Hop the Steps, 3 cones a skipping, 2 up the ramps, 1 hop the steps…. etc.  I was surprised I did not get particularly sore from it….

The week overall has been a good week of training:

  • Monday I ran with my students from Marie Kerr up to the aqueduct and over to Mt Rite Aid – 4.5 miles easy.
  • Tuesday AM- we ran from Marie Kerr to P12 next to Highland and we did some 75s hill intervals.
  • Tuesday PM- 12 Days of Christmas Workout
  • Wednesday- rest day – 2 mile Walk the Mall
  • Thursday – Marie Kerr to the ridge south of the Aqueduct, overlooking the San Adreas Fault – I call this the Pacific Point run. 4.5 miles easy 20171221_083447
  • Friday – Jamba Run: I parked at Jamba and ran to Marie Kerr Park. The kid’s and Jeff Smith met me there. WE did a loop around the park and then ran to Jamba Juice by way of P-8. From the corner of 25th and P8 to the corner of 10th and Rancho Vista I pushed the pace into a tempo run. It was 1.77 miles in 12:34 – 7:05 per mile

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