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Lobster Run!

Yesterday, was Christmas day! It also happened to be 16 weeks prior to the Boston Marathon. So… the official training has begun. I finished off my last week of pre training with some Hillview runs at Marie Kerr Park and an Elliptigo Ride… The Elliptigo ride was serving as pace leader for the High Desert Runners annual Jingle Bell Fun Run.. dressed once again as Buddy the Elf!



Today, I got in two runs. Only 2 runners met me at Marie Kerr Park and we went on an easy 4 mile loop up to the aqueduct. In the evening we had a slightly larger group of 7 meet for our first ever High Desert Runners’ Lobster Run.

We met at the Starbucks on Rancho Vista Blvd and Towncenter Drive. From there we crossed the Blvd and made our way into the neighborhood above the Blvd. There we did 7 hill repeats. We had differing abilities, with me leading the way. I told the runners if they began to fall behind they could cut the hill short and turn early in order to stay together. Tom Grady stayed close behind on each rep, never letting me let up on the effort at all. Oscar was not far back, and then Rob, Nestor and Dora…. Laura Cox was quite a bit farther back so she was able to take advantage of the early turns. The last part, heading back on the Blvd allowed her to take a short cut there as well by skipping the side trip to the Boulders…..

So, why was it called the Lobster Run? Well, if you did the full thing, it looks like a lobster!

HDR Lobster Run Run Strava

The 7 legs/antennae toward the bottom of the picture are the 7 hill repeats. We ran them from right to left, doing the loop in a clockwise direction. #2 is an 11% grade and is the second longest… It feels the hardest. Tom and Rob pushed the pace and got a couple strides ahead of me. About 80% of the way up, I decided to answer back. I dug deep and found a little extra and was able to surge back ahead of them. On all the rest Tom stayed close, but was never able to pull alongside. Looking at the 7 hills on Strava, I set Personal Records on 5 out of the 7!  All but 1 and #3. This is especially pleasing when you consider that back in September I ran this workout with Karl, Heather, and a few other… fast runners… I was doing all I could do to hang on with that group… But today I ran faster!

Here is the list of segments from Strava. The Gold colored cups have the number that I rank OVERALL on that segment. Each of them are a personal record.

HDR Lobster Run segments

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