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Apollo Rising – 16 mile Fast Finish

First, the group new – It was awesome. 25 High Desert Runners plus a few Runners Lane runners showed up for our monthly Apollo Rising Run. This is where we all show up at Apollo Park and run laps around the lake. Each lap is 1 mile. The plan is that people come when they want, run as far and as fast as they want and then they are on their way. The beauty of it, being a 1 mile loop, is that you are always seeing others out there. Althea Bogle, for example, one of the few who was with me at the first one, she is quite a bit slower than me, but we wave and encourage each other every time we pass each other. Beverly O’Neal also comes out with a gaggle of other ladies…. Most of us reverse direction from time to time giving us a chance to run into everyone at one time or another. Part of the plan was to try to finish around 10 am. Those of who did took a photo..


The longest run of the day was Grant Barnett who ran 21.2… 5 more tomorrow, he says. He was already up to 10 or so when I got there. I ran a couple laps with him and a friend and then he took a potty break. We were never in sync again. Around 8 laps into the run Bob Haugen appeared. I have not seen him in quite some time as he quit running due to injury. He turned and ran with me for a couple of laps.

He ran miles 9 and 10 with me. The goal for my first 10 miles was to run 8:30 pace. My splits were, 8:34 8:18, 8:27, 8:16, 8:27, 8:21, 8:29, 8:31, 8:25, and 8:34 ( 8:26 average) …. mission accomplished. The goal for miles 11-14 was to run at my Marathon Goal Pace of 8 min/mile. Here I struggled. I struggled in finding the right pace and most of it too fast: 7:52, 7:54, 7:37, and 7:50.  Bob attempted to stay with me but only made it a little more than the first half mile at this pace. He ran a couple more laps and then stayed to watch the finish. My final 2 miles were suppose to be even faster. I was hoping to get down to 10K pace (7:11). I was close – I ran 7:21 and 7:14.  In total I averaged an 8:08 pace for 16 miles.

It might seem off, to have my 16 mile fast finish run the end of the first official week of Boston Marathon Training. As long runs go, my plan is to build them more slowly than typical… I have already built up to 18 on the trails and did 14 at the park last month. About once a month I will add a progressively longer fast finish long run and a progressively longer trail run. The other weeks are for races, rides, etc.

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