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Red Carpet 10K

So, continuing from my last post, after spending a few days in Ventura, we drove down the coast to Oceanside. We had a nice stop at a park in Laguna Niguel to check out their garden. We got in a couple of Tandem rides, but nothing impressive as our friends are not much into endurance — just casual bike rides. I got in an easy 5.5 mile run Thursday morning as well.  I also got in my first 3 PPLD 50 workouts… substituting some plank ups for some of the push ups per Clay’s suggestion.

Friday we drove from Oceanside to Palm Springs and rode the aerial tramway. We took a little hike at the top. Again, not to far as my wife was not feeling especially well.

Saturday I ran the Palm Springs Red Carpet 10k… Well most of it. They had a 5k and a 10k running at the same time. There were a few hundred runners total between the two events. At the beginning the director was giving some instructions about 10k runners being sure to turn at such and such point, but I was sure that they would have it well marked and have someone at the actual point telling us what to do. Also, I was standing and conversing with a local who had done it all before. He was doing the 10k.

Sure enough, about a mile or so into the race there was a corner with some people making a left and others going straight. There were more going left which made me think that was the 5k way. The guy from the start went straight. There was no one yelling instructions and no signs that i saw to help. Pretty soon the 10k made a right turn and the two of us were in the lead…. uh oh… We ran along and I would gain on him and then drop off. More than 4 miles in a guy my age ran by rather quickly… It was someone of Brumwell’s caliber… about 5 1/2 miles in another guy caught me and took the time to tell me I had messed up.

I finished in 41 + minutes with only 5.7 miles so, yes… I blew it.  I calculated that if not for the error I would still have been 7th place with a time of 44:46. I emailed the director and let them know of the error… theirs by not manning the separation, and mine…  I did not stay to accept a medal.

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