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Hyland’s Boston Legacy Team

Boston Marathon 2018 Hyland s Homeopathic (1)Back in December my wife came across some information about a company called Hyland’s.  They are an official Boston Marathon Sponsor – the official Cramp Relief Sponsor…. They were looking for a team of teachers to sponsor for the race weekend – treating them to a VIP weekend.  They even had some entries into the marathon that they could provide to some teachers who had not qualified!


Of course, I was already qualified, but the VIP weekend sounded fun so I filled out the application!. It turns out that 1400 teachers applied for the program. They accepted 17 for their Teachers Run Boston Team (those not already qualified) plus about 5 or 10 more that WERE already qualified… they are calling us the Legacy Team.. If you click the link you can read the bios of the 17 teachers.  I have been waiting to see if they will put up bios for the rest of us, but that is not clear….

In any case, I AM A HYLAND’S LEGACY TEAM runner for the Boston Marathon. They wanted me to arrive Friday (I had to finagle some new travel arrangements.) Saturday morning we will all be running in the Boston 5K.  Afterwards we will have a brunch and get acquainted meeting.  Saturday afternoon… free tickets to the Boston Red Sox game!  Sunday they will provide another brunch, with some VIPs…

On Monday, race day we will have our own private transportation to the start line. Afterwards, a couple of blocks from the finish we will have a celebration party…  Until I have to catch my plane that evening…  They will be providing shirts for the 5k, and the Marathon, and a hoodie, and perhaps something for afterward?

One extra bonus, the way I see it, is that since I was planning to fly home Monday night, I was just going to find a restroom and clean up best I could – having already checked out of my hotel… the after party location will provide a place for my luggage AND showers!  Plus of course some free food!


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