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Must be the Shoes!

Yesterday I did the High Desert Runners Track Workout…

For those new to the blog, I coach said workout every Tuesday night at 6 pm. I have done so for years. So, it is normal for me to get out there with 5 – 15 other runners of various abilities and train. Since we have such DIFFERENT speeds, I almost always prescribe a workout based on timed intervals rather than distance. A typical workout might be 6 x 3 minutes, or 10 x 2 minutes, or 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1…. all minutes.

Since I am in Boston training mode, I will be extending some of the workouts and giving my athletes a shorter option. Last night was a slight extension with a 1,2,3.4,5,4,3,2,1 interval workout.. (2 weeks ago camping, I ran the same with an extra 5 in the middle)

At the workouts, David Weary and Tom Grady are usually there and the three of us push each other… On the first 1 minute I ran 250 meters, which is my usual 1 minute accomplishment. … On the 2 I reached 495… wow, 4 -6 years ago I would regularly be at 500 plus in a two minute interval, but the last few years it has been more like 460-480… feeling good. The entire sequence went like this:

1 min – 250m
2 min – 495m
3 min – 730m
4 min – 990m
5 min – 1205m
4 min – 990m
3 min – 745m
2 min – 500m
1 min – 250m

I was excited by the two 4 minute intervals as 1000 m in 4 minutes would be a 20 minute 5k pace and I have only done that ONCE…. and I was just a few seconds off! Adding up the distance totaled in 25 minutes of interval work I had an average pace of 6:32… I am sure that is my fastest in several years!

It just so happens that I was trying out a new pair of shoes…. They are ugly… but they are supposed to be a speedy version of Hoka… and I have been doing rather well with Hokas…  so I buy whatever color is on sale…

Oh, and today… GO to School and back…. Good Boy….  Again, as I know I have a few newer readers… whenever you see GO it is short for Elliptigo… This is my cross training ride that I am filling in with. I am running only 3 or 4 days a week and riding the GO in between… but I have not gotten many of my GO rides in the last two months… But, Boston Bound… got to get serious on ALL Parts of the Plan!



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