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Leap Frog Run

One of the problems of doing races while training for a goal race, is that sometimes you get too excited, too competitive, too crazy and you go all out on a training race. Last Sunday, in retrospect, that is what I did. I really pushed the limits – fought cramp issues… made myself sore.  In my 50s now, I find that when I get sore, I get most sore the 2nd day. So, YESTERDAY, I was pretty sore.

The problem is that yesterday was Tuesday and Tuesday is interval workout day…. Thursday is Tempo day, and the weekend is for long runs… Yesterday I was too sore to do an interval workout, so I rested.

Today I ran with my Hillview kids. I ran what is, for them, one of our toughest workouts. I call it Leap Frog. If you look at the map in the picture you will see 9 cul-de-sacs toward the right side of the picture.

Leap Frog Run Run Strava

What we do is run easy – warm up about 1 1/4 miles from HIllview toward those cul-de-sacs. Then we run through them, another 1 1/4 at tempo/interval pace. We regroup, recover and run a second interval BACK through them. We cool down by running back to Hillview.

Years ago, when taking the group through this area I had this “leap frog” idea. The idea was that the front runners would follow the sidewalk up and down the cul-de-sacs and whomever fell to the back of the group would leap frog across the street to catch up. I figured this would just keep the group together… It turned out, though that the fast ones took it as a challenge to stay ahead, even when being leap frogged. The middle ones ran faster to try to hand on and avoid being leap frogged. The slower accepted the leap frog graciously, but upped the effort to minimize their use.  (well, most of them….)   So, the leap frog section became a LONG interval.

I figured that this was the perfect compromise between yesterday’s missed intervals and tomorrows short tempo run…. I combined them into this workout… The tempo run will also be made redundant as I intend a fast finish long run Saturday – there will be tempo effort within the long run.

My time for the two efforts were 8:31 heading east and 8:39 heading west. I figure that as an average pace of 7:18.    8:31 was my #2 all time fastest and 8:39 ties for #3  on Strava!  I actually beat all my kid’s on the first one. My number one girl, Shelby stepped up and beat me coming back…

Additionally, I rode the Elliptigo to and from work today. The 6am ride was cold – low 30s. I wore three shirts and that was fine, I wore a beanie under my bike helmet so my head was fine. I wore shorts and my legs were fine. I wore two pairs of gloves and had cold fingers….


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