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End of January Update

My last post was about a very strong Apollo Rising Run… that was Saturday a week ago. Subsequent to that I rode 20+ on the Elliptigo Sunday morning. I took Monday off. Tuesday I did my Sweet 16 workout with the HIllview runners. 2 weeks prior to this, I had a minor strain on my plantar fascia from this workout which I blamed on trying to jump up from one level to the next doing strides across our school basketball courts… our school is on a hill so each court is terraced a couple feet higher than the next… So Tuesday I was careful to step mid hill and not push it too hard.

Alas, my heel flared up anyway… I took the rest of the week off…. I did not run, or GO, or ride, or even do my core stuff (shame on me) for the remainder of the week…. It is feeling much better now, I will try it out tonight at the HDR track workout.

I have set myself a personal goal – mostly about losing weight, burning some extra calories.  My goal is to NOT drive to Hilliview between now and Spring break in mid March.  I also am thinking I would like to do a road bike Century ride this year… I have done two on the Elliptigo, but have not finished one on my road bike…

SO – Yesterday, I got my Fuji road bike out for the first time… in I don’t even know how long… I just looked it up – November 2015.  Prior to the ride I took the bike into the shop and had them do a tune up – new chain, new brake pads… I rode to school making really good time. It is fun to ride that bike after doing all my riding on the much heavier, slower Elliptigo. I set a couple of Strava segment PRs. I decided to take the long way home circling north on 45th, west on M8 and south on 70th up to the aqueduct…. well almost up to the aqueduct… right at the last 50 foot slight curve right.. I was standing on the pedals…. the chain broke!  It is a wonder I did not crash! Somehow, in one motion my right foot went down, I unclipped and got my foot down as the bike instantly stopped on the VERY steep grade. I called my wife to come rescue me…. the bike shop fixed it for free… of course.

Today, I overslept…. but I had a teacher workshop at the district office, so ….. well, I didn’t drive to Hillview!

Well, we will see how the run goes tonight… I should probably not push the pace…

Here are my January totals

Monthly Totals This Year
January Running 106
Elliptigo 73
Tandem/Hybrid 28
Road Cycle 0
Running Equivalents 193
PPLD 700

Running Equivalents is my way of making myself feel better about not running as much as I used to. In 2009 – 2012 I was well over 2000 miles running per year. But my body does not seem to want to do that anymore (I am 55.)  So, I figure the value of my cross training in Running Equivalents:

Running Equivalents
= running miles
+ 50% Elliptigo – each mile on my Elliptigo is worth half a mile running, My heart rate on an Elliptigo ride is close to the same as an easy run, but I go twice as fast.
+ 40% Tandem – each mile riding my big heavy tandem is .4 miles running. The bike is heavy and it requires work, but these rides are usually more leisurely than other rides.
+ 30% Road Cycle – my road bike is much more efficient.


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