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Yasso 800s – Step 2

If you read my last post…. a few hours ago… I said I should take it easy tonight. But still, I needed to coach the High Desert Runners’ weekly track workout. I figured if I were going to run at a moderate pace (due to taking the last whole week off recovering from a plantar fascia strain) 3 minute intervals would be about right… As I got to the track and warmed up my foot felt fine. I realized that my training plan had called for 800s so why not give em a  try.

Three components of my training come from McMillan running – click for artice.   My fast finish long runs – my long distance races – and Yassoo 800s. The Yasso 800s are an invention of Bart Yasso – elite runner and running guru for Runner’s World. He noticed that if you could do 10 reps of 800 meters in a certain # of minutes and seconds, with equal interval recovery jog, you should be able to run a marathon in the # of hours and minutes…. For example, since I am training for sub 3:30 – say 3 hours 27 minutes for my marathon, I would have to run these 800 meter intervals in 3 minutes 27 seconds each. I usually mix in an 800m workout about once a month starting at 6 reps, then 8 then 10, and maybe even a 12. In January I did the 6 – so today I went for 8.

Mission accomplished – I averaged 3:24 for the intervals with only 1:26 rest… I did not set it up right, I had the group do 3 minute intervals with 2 minutes recovery figuring I would go ahead and finish my 800… this did not leave me very much recovery. Next time the group will do 3 minutes with 3 minute recoveries….

Looks like my Boston training is still on track!



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