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Love for Smiles 5K

A few of my friends run back to back races…. a few of them do this often…. I don’t. With a training plan that calls for 3 runs a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday…  2 races in a weekend does not fit….

But, a friend was directing her first race, the Love for Smiles 5k on Saturday and I felt I should run it and show support. On Sunday the Students Run LA people were holding their Friendship Run – an 18 mile run at Hansen dam that they use to qualify their student runners to participate in the Los Angeles Marathon. Two of the Hylands’ Sponsored Teachers were going to be there and I wanted to go meet them…. So, I thought to myself, “Okay, I will run the 5k at my marathon goal pace and do the 18 miler as a long run – maybe a fast finish one… maybe marathon pace one….

Nancy McKim’s Love for Smile’s 5k went off great. She used my “Nutty Runners 5k” course. Ahead of time I considered whether I should “race” it or not… but if Steve or Erik were there I would have little chance of winning my age group… and I have not  beaten Joe Kim in years either… so no.  But when the race started it felt so easy running Joe’s pace, and Erik was just a little ahead, and Oscar was right behind so I settled into an almost race pace…. I guess I was racing, but I felt I could have gone just a tad harder the first half. Erik pulled away, and then Joe. I eventually lost Oscar.. I just held pace and position. My time was 22:58 and I was 3rd in my age group… probably around 10th or 12th overall…


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