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Blood, Sweat and Sniffles

I have been fighting a cold all week. As colds go, it has not been bad… It started last Saturday, when my sinuses flared up after the track meet races. Of course, I often get sinus attacks after pushing really hard (fast) so I did not think much of it. I used some of the Hylands Sinus medication (that they sent us “sponsored” runners) and it seemed to keep the sniffles and stuffiness at bay. I did not think much of it. Sunday the sniffles continued, the Hylands continued to work.

Monday, a school holiday, I had intended to go for a bike ride, but the sinuses were worse. There was lots of pressure behind the eyes and I felt achy. I stayed home, I even skipped praise team practice Monday night.

Tuesday I considered staying home from work, but I went in. I got through the day. By the evening the pressure was gone – just back to stuffiness – I ran the HDR Track workout. It went well – I ran 4 reps of a mile 6:56, 6:54, 6:54, 6:56. Wednesday I got up and ran to school! But by the afternoon I was feeling draggy again and got my wife to come pick me up rather than running home.

Thursday off to tend to some family business after school. Friday I ran with the kids up to the top of the Bunny Hill – aka Margot Hill. This is a 6 miler – long for the kids. As we were getting going I noticed blood on my hand… uh oh.. I had a bloody nose. There was nothing I could do but keep sniffing as we continued up the hill and back down again. By the time we got back down, to our Coldstone final destination, I was a mess.


Looking at the picture you can’t tell, but I had blood on my sleeve and on the front of the shirt by the time we were finished.

Saturday I headed over to Apollo Park for yet another Apollo Rising run. I got there at 6:45 in order to do a 300 to 3:10 run. I was thinking 22 miles. IT WAS COLD!!


19 degrees, but it was not windy. I had enough layers on… It was not too bad.

Early on, though my quads both felt fatigued… way too early… by the time I got to the half way point – 11 miles – I felt like I was finishing up a marathon. I decided it best not to push any farther and called it a day.

I assume it was muscle fatigue from the cold battle of the week… They were sore the rest of the day. After sitting to drive down below it awkward to walk…. This morning they are still sore…. otherwise I feel great…


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