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Sierra to the Sea Ride

I have had the idea in the back of my mind, for awhile, that it would be fun to do a multi day bike ride. In fact several years ago I happened upon a Fuller Housing Institute (connected with Fuller Seminary) that did a ride across America in the summer. Their ride was relatively inexpensive and it matched up pretty closely with my summer break… but 6 or 7 weeks is a long time to be away from the family….

So, last week I was looking at cycling calendars to plan out some cycling events for the rest of the year. My goal is that I want to complete a century on my road bike. I have done 2 on my Elliptigo, but have maxed out in the 80s on the road bike… After Boston, it will be nice to transition to maybe a 50/50 run and cycle focus for awhile.

While looking through the events, there were a few multi-day rides that came up. One caught my eye – Sierra to the Sea… the ride is in June and it goes from Lake Tahoe to San Francisco.  It just so happens that I am pretty free in June… hmmmm…  Then I get an email from Clay suggesting that when I am done with Boston we go for a ride….

So, half jokingly, I sent him the link and said how about this one?

He called my bluff, saying that he would love to…. uh oh… well, not really. Of course I had to pitch the idea to my wife, but with her blessings it is on!  A one week, one state wide ride is a lot better than a whole summer spanning the continent…. (at least for now…) So, we’re going!

On the training for Boston front, it has not been going well… last week I missed workouts, especially rides due to a cold.  And then Saturday did not go as planned….

This week I have been pressed into “son” duties.  Last week, they placed my dad on in home Hospice… He has Alzheimer’s and is getting pretty advanced. He is 89. Mom is 88. My brother who has been unable to work the last couple of decades lives with them….. good thing it turns out. Mom fell Monday and broke her hip – not too seriously, but at minimum she will be hospitalized for awhile and then go to convalescent care. Dave is taking care of Dad.  Neither of them can drive, so they are stuck in the house… My wife and I will be taking care of their needs for awhile… mom was the driver….

I am entered in the Griffith Park Trail Marathon as a training run Saturday. I was not planning on tapering for it… but I guess we will call this mess of a couple of weeks… a TAPER!

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